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Located in North Hollywood CA United States

Beautiful Koi, Products that work, The Best Feed in North America.

                    ~Welcome to Cali Koi & Koi Froggy!


Decades of experience in water management and Koi habitat. We Work with a talented group of Japanese Breeders to select and import beautiful Koi Fish into the U.S. for you. We also import the best products from Europe & Japan for water management to aid in your success of keeping your water and Koi in absolute health. Come visit to see what is in stock! All Koi are hand selected and Bio Secure!


We are most Affordable!

Cali Koi Specializes In:

  • Koi Imports

  • Custom Equipment

  • Koi Nutrition

  • Filtration

  • Water Clarity

  • Koi Rescue

  • Butterfly Koi

  • Lake Management

  • Pond Maintenance

  • Japanese Gardens

  • Pond Installations

  • Pond & Equipment Repair

Tancho                                          Yamabuki                                     Hajiro                                            Kanoko Sanke                               Goshiki


At Cali Koi, we believe in a responsibility toward our customers. You deserve factual information and reliable pond and lake supply products. All products offered on this site are rigorously tested before they are offered for sale.  We custom design and manufacture several products, so if you need something done, give us a call!

Cali Koi carries only what is known and verified (by actual use and testing) to work in your pond or lake. You can purchase with confidence here!


Please call us if you need assistance with Pond Balance, Koi Health, Lake Management,  Algae Elimination or New Beautiful Koi. We are here to help you achieve your pond goals. Whether your pond is 500 gallons or 500,000 plus.



Quality Long fin Koi (Hirenaga) are a specialty item at Cali Koi & Koi Froggy.  We search for and hand select many varieties.

Kohaku, Budo Goromo, Asagi, Kin Ki Utsuri, Kin Showa, Matsu, Kumonryu, Goshiki and Black Dragon Butterfly, just to name a few!


We cater to the Long Fin Koi Enthusiast on the same level in which we cater to the Purist Koi Enthusiast by stocking and sourcing a large variety of hard to find, rare Long Fin Koi Varieties.

All sizes available!

subject to availability

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