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Nijikawa Koi Food Line

Cali koi Offers Nijikawa Koi Food as your one source feed line for beautiful Koi Fish and Water Quality!

The first and only Koi Food manufactured in North America to export to Japan in 200 years! Sought after and used by famous Japanese Koi Breeders!

Manufactured by EWOS, the worlds largest aquatic feed manufacturer, whom by the way manufactures food for fish that feed you and me. This is the only pet product made by EWOS and authorized to use their registered trademark.

Nijikawa is Total Koi Nutrition which promotes Healthy immune systems, vibrant color, shiny skin and growth while maintaining body conformation and water quality all in ONE package.

Use Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. This Koi food has a melting point of 42F, expanding pellet technology, Prebiosal which cleans your Koi gut surface area allowing for better nutrient absorption and Nucleotides which deliver key nutrients to raise every aspect of your Koi biological functions. You will see results within 3 weeks of use!

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