Hi there! I am Christian and I am your host! I have been a Koi hobbyist for decades and have developed skills in Koi habitat, water remediation and Koi selection over that time. Aquaculture and Biology have always fascinated me and Koi, with all their beauty and challenges captivate me! 


Over my young years as a hobbyist, I found myself longing to afford Japanese Koi from breeders which always seemed out of reach, financially speaking. I was even taken advantage of along the way. I found that mark ups were a major contributor of keeping those stellar Koi out of my pond! 


Over the years I met a very important person who mentored me and introduced me to Japan and a network of agents and breeders. Relationships with these breeders formed and with their generous help and teachings I became a Koi dealer and founded Cali Koi.


Cali Koi has been established to provide hand selected Import Koi at reasonable prices to all.  Pricing is affordable because Cali Koi is located and operates from a licensed residential location.

I consider all Koi to be beautiful and do my very best to bring in all types and grades for all tastes and budgets.

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