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From Yelp


Christian was extremely helpful and very much educated in this profession. Gave me the whole run down and much more than what I expected. He hand picks most of his imported fish from Japan, and brings them back himself, which is something I admire. You can tell that this is something he loves to do. Great service and gorgeous Koi, which I may add are TOP QUALITY! Ended up leaving with 10!


Awesome experience here! Great service and also had a great history lesson on koi. Christian is an awesome guy and has a wonderful selection of koi. We recently lost some of our fish and were looking to fill our pond and christian helped us make a perfect selection i would recommend this place to anyone looking for some koi.


We have had a pond for 50 years. It's been difficult finding qualified dealers. The fish are quality and he stands behind his business. He was ever so patient with my elderly mother. He is honest and fair.  It's been a pleasure for us and we have come back to buy more fish.


Chrisitan is very friendly, patient and knowledgeable person who is passionate about Koi fish. I have bought several fish from him. His koi fish are of great quality and prices! I gladly would recommend him! You will not be disappointed.


By far the best and most authentic koi dealer I've  been to. Christian knows his Koi and was extremely helpful with picking out the right fish for my pond. He has some magnificent larger fish and all are from Japan. I certainly intend on buying more koi from Cali Koi.


Very good customer service Christian was a friendly person he has a wonderful selection of koi I would definitely recommend Cali Koi to everyone

  • J B.

  • Los Angeles, CA


Christian is definitely the most knowledgable Koi dealer in the So Cal area that I've found yet, and has the highest quality fish, too.  Really amazing.  Thanks for the fish!


Greatest place to buy koi. Christian is so helpful and patient and so knowledgeable.

This is second time that I have bought koi. Beautiful selection.

I highly recommend Cali Koi.


Christian is amazing. Very few people have as much knowledge as he does about Koi. Highly recommended.


Shipped my son's tadpoles super fast, had a perfect bday because of their extra effort!
I'm very impressed.


This place is awesome. The owner is as passionate about what he does as anyone I've ever met, and the fish that he sells are worth his enthusiasm. Each one is uniquely stunning, and his prices are incredibly reasonable for the quality that he sells. I would recommend Cali Koi to anyone who is interested in koi fish, from beginners to seasoned experts and master collectors.


Really enjoy going to Cali Koi. Christian is very  helpful and knows a lot about koi fish. If you are into rare Japanese koi this is the place to go. Been collecting Koi for almost 15 years and I am so happy that I found out about this place.


Highly recommend this koi place to any buyer. Very knowledgable guy! Definitely the best prices and the highest quality koi all directly imported from Japan. All holding tanks have crystal clear water. Definitely the best place to go to.


Really nice guy ,well maintained selection of fish,and very knowledgeable will come again soon :)


Best place to go and buy koi not only to buy but you will also be getting a great friend. All the koi I have bought at Cali koi are very beautiful and very healthy I would definitely continue coming here and recommend anybody looking for koi to come and check it out


Best place to get the koi you want at the best price.

Christian also gave me a lot of samples of Nijikawa Four Season Food, said to be the best for growth and color!


I live in Lancaster CA, which is a bit over an hour drive on the freeway to get Cali koi.And I have to say, it worth the drive. Cali koi has the most variety of koi from breed to sizes at the lowest prices I seen. I had a few special request and "Chris," made sure that my kois were in from Japan in his next shipment. Chris not only has excellent customer serves but also has a lot of knowledge about koi and maintaining a clean, clear, and healthy pond, and it's  free. Once you visit Cali koi, I'm sure you won't be disappointed and make it your number one place to purchase your koi.


Went to get some Koi for our pond and Christian was very helpful. He was so knowledgeable and had so much passion for the Koi. We would highly recommend him.


Really cool place, I come here for food and supplies as well as fish. The owner is super helpful and willing to share knowledge about keeping koi. This is my go to place.


Christian, knows his Koi! His fish are the highest quality and he gives you his undivided attention, and answers all questions. There is nothing he doesn't know! His place is so beautiful and he loves what he does. He even plays meditative music for the fish! It is pure bliss to visit his place and his fish. We never seem to leave without at least three or more.
We always leave joyfilled for being in his presence!
He is our Fish Whisperer!


We have had koi in our pond for over 40 years and are always so satisfied with the quality of the Koi at Cali Koi. Christian, the owner, is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his fish. He takes a lot of time to show us his koi and patiently explains everything about them and answers all of our questions. He never rushes us or pushes us to buy. His place is well kept and is relaxing to visit. It is always a special day when we can go there and come home with some new beautiful koi for our pond.


Just wish yelp had 5 stars plus, if koi are your passion, this is the place to go. After seeing beautiful koi, you can converse with Christian and realize they are his passion also. Learned more about koi, filtration, additives than I knew existed. And the Nijikawa koi food he carries is the best around. In this day and age where you go into an establishment and try to gain information but come away empty, it is so refreshing to visit someone who shares your passion and has a wealth of knowledge he so willingly shares. Doing yourself a huge favor visiting here!


This past Sunday was my first visit to Cali Koi.  I received a friendly greeting from Christian and he made me feel comfortable even though I didn't know much about the hobby.  Christian seemed genuinely knowledgeable and he answered my questions very patiently and thoroughly.  I also liked that never made me feel pressured into buying anything.  When I did decide on buying a fish, after changing my mind, he gave me a good price and a good deal on the food too!
I will definitely return to Cali Koi.


First time here the owner Chris who also runs this place is a  great guy knows a lot there is to know about koi fish all his fish are beautiful and healthy he also has koi fish supplies for sale I would definitely recommend this place to anyone


You get the best Koi for the best price The owner's experience is value added. If you love high quality koi then Cali Koi is the place for you. One warnings once you go to Cali Koi you will not be able to purchase from your local koi spots again. Cali Koi is just that good.


My family and I just went to Cali Koi to buy Koi fish for our first time.  We went after they were closed but I called first and Christian, the owner, opened up just for us.  We were so excited and were not let down.  He answered all of our questions, which were quite a few, and we left totally happy with our experience and purchase.  We chose 5 fish and were indecisive and he was calm, happy and helpful the whole time.  His prices were very reasonable and I would recommend him to anyone looking for Koi.  He said this is his hobby and passion and I believe it. Can't wait to bring these fish home to our pretty new pond!  Great experience!!!!!

From Google

Erika Breazile

This is a truly amazing place to buy koi and related products. Christian is so helpful and shares his knowledge freely. Do your self a favor and stop by.


I love the wide selection of rare exotic fish. This is my go to because I can find fish outside of the Gosanke class that everybody else seems to carry in bulk. It's refreshing to find a place that carries a wide selection of different variety of fish to balance out pond color palette.

Barbara Stehr

Happy fish happy home thanks to Cali Koi. Christian is honest and committed to his customers and provides everything you need for your pond. He is very honest and fair and has made one grandma a very happy lady with her new brood!

Came Cardenas

Great prices and very knowledgeable staff.

b anderson

I had the most enjoyable experience visiting Cali Koi! For six years I have been buying and loving Koi, but in all those years I have not run across such a modest, and knowledgeable Koi business person like Christian.
If you wish to purchase a real quality koi from Japan at an extremely fair price, then take the time and visit Cali Koi. I know you'll be more than glad you did.

Drake Phleger

There are no better Koi to be had anywhere. Christian knows his stuff. If he does not have you want in stock, he can and will get it for you. There is nothing he can't get and nothing he doesn't know about Koi. A must visit for all your Koi needs!

Kenny Tapp

Christian is more than willing to help you with any questions you have and is more than fair on his prices. I live over 2000 miles away from Christian and he is still my go to guy for any koi questions I have. I even buy my food and supplies from him.

Max Regis

Great quality fish and supplies. More so than the quality, you get expert advise from a passionate koi gurú! What ever type of pond issue you are having, go here for help.

The Japanese Cowboy Fraser Graham

Helped me bring in 3 dream fish!

Marsha Laufer

Christian is very helpful and a wealth of knowledge. He even took time to answer my three year old son's questions. High quality koi at prices that are very attractive. The five fish I've purchased from him are beautiful in my pond and doing very well. Very happy customer and look forward to future visits and purchases.

Kevin Rezzadeh

This place is the best fish store I have ever been to in over a decade of being in the hobby. the owner Christian is extremely knowledgable and loves what he does. He took so much time to explain to us the differences between all the types of koi he carries and gave us suggestions on how to set up our pond. His pricing is actually extremely reasonable and there is no compromise when it comes to the quality of his fish: I've never seen such nice looking koi in my life. All in all great place, great owner, I highly recommend it and feel fortunate to live so close to such a gem of a store.

Derek Olson

Came in to purchase koi for my new pond and all of the fish I purchased were beautiful. The main guy Christian is very knowledgeable about them and gave me some extra tips on how to keep the koi healthy. The customer service is great as well! Highly recommend to anyone looking for high quality japanese koi.

Joe Santana

Great setup, stock, and contact !

Kimberly Keller

Beautiful selection of Koi. Very nice set-up, was most pleased.

Alexander Cao

Best place to get the koi you want for the best price.He also gave me samples of Nijikawa Four Season Food, said to be the best for growth and color!

Mike P

If koi are your passion, this is the place to go. Christian shares so much knowledge on koi, water and filtration. Koi food and medicines and water treatments, the list just goes on and on. I told my wife I'd be back in an hour, but that didn't happen, viewing the beautiful koi on display, discussing my pond and how I could improve water quality just took longer Can't wait for my next visit, do your self a favor and visit soon, you won't regret it!

William Aguirre

Beautiful fish, aquatic plants, and environment.

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