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Chorus Frog Tadpoles (Qty. 12)

Chorus Frog Tadpoles (Qty. 12)


Chorus Tree Frog Tadpoles. Once adults, they make excellent pest control around the exterior of your home and yard with 90% certainty they stay put by your water garden or pond year after year.
Tadpoles will morph into frogs that may be green, brown, turquoise or gray, sometimes they are yellow in color. Adult frogs can be from ¾ of an inch to 2½ inches in length, and when they leap, their length increases three times. Females are generally larger.


The adult frogs are a joy around the pond and water garden areas and actively hunt insects, slugs, snails, spiders and other creepy crawly things mainly at night.


Very hardy tree frogs that grow to about two inches in size, but sing like giants during mating season (Late February-June) and often just before rainy days throughout the year. Seem to handle the cold winter months into the mid 40's quite well. A few days in the mid 30's as well, but not intended for long freeze zones.


They are small, yet sing like giants!


Habitat: Although commonly accepted as Tree Frogs, this species spends most of its adult life on the ground in vegetation.
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