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Nualgi Ponds 125ml

Nualgi Ponds 125ml

SKU: NP125
Nualgi Ponds doses at 1ml to 1000 gallons once weekly! 

Crystal clear water without an algaecide! Increases disolved oxygen levels, reduces odors, eliminates string algae and plankton algae. Naturally balances your pond and saves you time and money! Does more than algae control and string algae clearing. It creates a dynamic food chain within the pond system from the nano scale up, thus creating live food for your fish and amplifying bio filters, reducing sludge, etc!
  • Product Info

    An innovative approach to improving pond balance, Nualgi Ponds™ is built on a nano silica base with our patented formula of 12 essential elements that safely help restore the natural balance, improve water quality and control nuisance algae.

    Engineered specifically to benefit the health of your aquatic plants and fish, Nualgi Ponds™ is easy to use, efficient, and yields rapid results.

    When you supplement your regular maintenance with Nualgi Ponds, you will be able to:

    WATCH YOUR POND FLOURISH – Nualgi Ponds will significantly improve water quality as well as the health of fish and plants. For many eutrophic ponds, results may be visible by afternoon on the first dose- starting with the bubbling up of oxygen, elimination of odor, and Blue Green Algae crashing and floating to the surface.

    SEE MORE – By reducing nuisance algae growth, Nualgi Ponds improves water clarity and visibility to reveal more of the pond’s environment and its inhabitants.

    FEED LESS – By restoring missing nutrients, Nualgi Ponds brings balance to the natural marine food chain from the bottom up by promoting the growth of diatoms and zooplankton – free food for your fish and shrimp!

    SHOW IT OFF – Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pond is healthy, clear, and odor-free.  Friends and guests will be impressed, and we won’t tell them how easy it was to restore the natural beauty of your pond.


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