SKU: CKS04110

Makes it easy to monitor the total hardness

For approx. 420°dGH.


  • Directions for use:

    Shake reagent bottle well before using! Do not allow tested
    water to contact aquarium or pond water!


    1. Rinse the measurement vial several times with the water to be tested, then fill to the 5 ml mark. Dry the vial on the outside.

    2. Add reagent drop by drop. Shake vial gently after every drop, until the color changes from red via brown to green.

    3. The number of drops used from the reagent represents the existing total hardness (in °dGH). E.g., 5 drops = 5°dGH.

    4. Cleaning: Clean the vial thoroughly with tap water before and after each

    Close reagent bottle immediately after use. Store at room temperature and away from light.


    Keep locked up and out of the reach of children. For testing ornamental fish aquariums and pond water only.

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